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Established in 2006. SUICOKE is a cult Japanese brand known for its wide selection of performance sandals. SUICOKE Uncovers the mastery of Japanese footwear. A functional outdoor expert, the label's shoes are the perfect companion for a light hike, a walk through town, or a stroll on the beach. The name Suicoke is a simple composition of a word without any crucial significance, the founders liked the sound of the word and therefore chose Suicoke as their brand´s name. By working together with other brands, the brand quickly became a driving force for open minded footwear consumers, who were shown a good alternative to classic shoes or running sneakers by Suicoke. Today Suicoke stands for high quality, bold and self-confident design and authenticity, not least because the Italian sole manufacturer Vibram cooperates with Suicoke and designed a unique footbed for them. This - and the wide range of colours, which are always chosen harmoniously, combined with the rich variety of silhouettes - are the reasons for Suicoke's timeless success.
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